Gallus Glasgow Songs


There are 17 Glasgow songs on this site so far.

Find 13 of them by hovering your curser over the song categories listed at the top of the page. Each song category page also has another song attached as background music.

If Glasgow teachers let us know through our contact page that they really want and need more songs to be added, the  site could be quickly stuffed with recordings and lyrics of fifty or more songs about and of Glasgow for teachers and pupils in Glasgow primary schools to enjoy and use.

[See some sample song names at the bottom of this page.]

Other song categories to be added could include

Songs For Kids - of the playground and home

Songs of Glasgow's Past - shipyards / mining / tobacco / the streets / the people / much more

Songs made in school projects - Easterhouse / the East End / Govan / more 

Songs of the communities around Glasgow - Paisley / Clydebank / more  

But even then there are so many relevant songs we can never give you them all here.

So, if you are a teacher who needs songs for project work or an occasion, please contact us and we will send them to you.

This site is created and maintained by Ewan McVicar, who has written and recorded many Glasgow songs, visited twenty Glasgow schools to write songs with pupils, created the neew Scotland's Songs on-line resource for Learning & Teaching Scotland, and written several books.

This site is all about Glasgow Songs. For many more Scots songs to use in schools go to  Ewan's Scots Schools site by pressing here.  

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I Wish I Was In Glasgow

The Glasgow I Used To Know

Three Men Frae Carntyne

The Caves In The Canyons

I Belong To Glasgow

Jamie Foyers

Jamie Raeburn

Glasgow Green

Fat Glasgow Magistrate

Tobacco Toon

Auchengiech Disaster

Pack Yer Tools And Go

Soor Mulk Cairt

When The Broom Blooms Brawly On The Bonny Broomielaw

Merchin Doon The Broomielaw

The Bleacher Lsssie O Kelvinhaugh

The Shipyard Apprentice

The Waverly

The Western Trader

Sai;ling Up The Clyde

The People'sPalace

Daen Up The Flat

The Ballad Of The Q4

Tramcars And Shipyards

Bonny Glasgopw Green

Hot Asphalt

Ma Favourite Uncle Shuggie

Annie McKelvie

The Drummer And The Bellman

Wee Molly

Sam The Skull

Hirstlin Kate

Auild Hawkie

1 2 3 Ma Grannie Went Tae Sea

Three Craws Sat Upon A Wa

Bananas Are The Best

Ma Maw Says

My Name Is Elvis Presley

The Bonny Wee Barra

Oor Wee Wean Can Sook A Bar O Chocolate

Oor Wee School